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Arianna Huffington recently posted about naming a word as a theme for the year. My word for 2023 is the word alignment. You may have seen my alignment model from the book Strategy Leadership & the Soul I wrote with my colleague Koby Huberman back in 2010.

From Strategy, Leadership & the Soul — Sertl & Huberman #A3R

I have been tracking the future of work since the 2000 and at last in 2023 we truly are ready for an integrated model of personal identity and professional identity. This is what it looks like:

From Strategy, Leadership & the Soul — Sertl & Huberman #A3R

All models are inadequate; however, visual models do help build coherence. As you design your work and personal identity this year, I invite you to explore applying our integral model to support your hiring, social media, internal leadership and personal accountability.


Today, I think leaders need to have three layers: local, national and global.

To help make this idea more concrete, I am sharing my own work portfolio.

Local — Rochester, New York

I live an work in Rochester, New York — a great small city where culture, families and science thrive. You may know us for Susan B. Anthony or Frederick Douglass who were incredible civic leaders and very much part of #GreaterROC heritage. You may also know us as the home of Kodak, Xerox and Bausch & Lomb. We, at one time were the epicenter of globalization. I am currently working with MARL Startup Studio to increase economic inclusion and increase deal flow.

Two great outputs this year include the Think.Build.Launch Podcast dedicated to first time founder growth stories and MARL on MAIN — an all city initiative to engage students, founders, city residents and community leaders.

National & Global

This year I joined the Circle Optics team. Their 360-degree camera imaging has the power to accelerate mobility in robotics, increasing safety in aerospace and democratizing experiences through 360-degree imaging.

I am leading their Wefunder campaign and I hope you will take a look to see what we are building”


It is no longer country vs. country or city vs. city. Ideas, instead are countries. Those who have ideas that gain traction will be able to put up a virtual flag and engage a platform of participants that transcend geography and political affiliation. Affinity in ideology is what creates momentum in this new space.

I find a great deal of affinity in my global community on Twitter. Although Twitter is often misunderstood and highly politicized, it is a garden that I have been nurturing since 2009. It is a place that democratizes education, saves lives and inspires. These two threads are the best examples of how this medium provides contextual intelligence:

The Future of Work

Network Effects

I am also passionate about social innovation and have been very lucky to participate with both the House of First & the Social Innovation Summit this year. My very first NFT was that of Rachel Winter’s Remarkable Women campaign.

I am deeply concerned about the digital divide and the paradox of #Web3 that synchronously democratizes and divides and accelerates that gap. That is why a large part of my writing this year was in support of helping create more participation:

Both Physical & Virtual Space Require Fierce Resolve

Cause Based Platforms & the Metaverse

Demystifying The NFT

Insights from Social Innovation Summit:

The Public Sector’s Role in Driving Social Impact Through Innovation

Combining Purpose & New Digital Technology — Nick Fontova & Ja Rule

The Future of Work & The Great Correction

Finding, Honoring & Using Your Voice

I am most concerned about the interface between you and YOU. There is so much focus on technology and not enough focus on individual discernment and the power of original thinking as a competitive advantage. To that end, I would like to share some conversations and resources that I believe will help support your fierce resolve.

Theodora Lau and Bradley Leimer authors of Beyond Good have an inspiring podcast called One Vision. I was lucky enough to talk about how important pattern recognition, keen observation and the ability to articulate are to innovation.

Ross Dawson is catalyst and sense-maker working to support our ability to Thrive on Overload. In fact that is the name of his most recent book and podcast. We recently had a conversation about some ways you can strengthen how you express your identity.

Finally, Nexxworks invited some of the “troublemakers” in their network to offer advice about how they believe that organizations could better navigate these turbulent times. I appreciated being included to share my point of view along with Peter Hinssen, Dave Snowden, Frederik Anseel, Steven Van Belleghem, Céline Schillinger, Hans Diels, Geertrui Mieke De Ketelaere, Ken Hughes, Rik Vera, Pascal Coppens, Aragorn Meulendijks, Julie Vens — De Vos and Laurence Van Elegem. It is a treasure trove to make 2023 a great adventure.

Thank you Laurence Van Elegem for including my voice!

Strategy, Leadership & Purpose is a Newsletter I will publish the last day of each month.

If there is anything here you want to talk about or take deeper let me know. If there is a way I can support your voice or living into your word of the year, let me know. I can be reached at and you can find me most the of the time on twitter @jennifersertl.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2023!!!



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