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House of First~ Turning the word NFT into a verb — meet the Metaverse Players

I haven’t listened to Malcolm McLaren’s Madame Butterfly since college. But was inspired while reading Butcher Billy’s biography on the House of First site. Nostalgia has inertia so I was transported back to my college years then spent the next hour listening to Sex Pistols, Bow Wow Wow and the Art of Noise.

House of First is innovating again. The last time I wrote about House of First was introducing the Remarkable Women NFT with Rachel Winters. House of First is an ecosystem of collectors and creators showcasing innovative firsts drops that embody the intersection of art, blockchain, and culture. The next drop is going to take place May 12th with the upcoming mint called Metaverse Players. The artist is Butcher Billy whose client list is top shelf: Netflix, Marvel, Black Mirror, Honda, Warner, Amazon Prime, Playboy, Stranger Things, New York Times, Universal Music.

Billy graduated in Graphic Design from the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná, in Brazil and later resided in the UK. Influenced by Banksy, David Bowie, Steve Ditko, Shigeru Miyamoto, Malcolm McLaren and Andy Warhol, Billy’s art is absorbed by his signature typography, imagery and creative concepts forming his own unique form of contemporary nostalgia.

What makes this particular drop unique is that House of First is turning the term NFT into a verb. Each MPV will unlock access to the Metaverse Games Club featuring a variety of social, casual and competitive games.

You get up to three “rolls” or chances to get the Metaverse Player that you most resonate with in this collection. Your NFT then becomes a MPV — and is used as your avatar in the Metaverse Players ecosystem. This mashup is a social club, game hub, and community of innovators, disrupters and change agents. This level of integration is remarkable. Not to mention the artwork itself. I remember as a child playing Hidden Figures in Highlights Magazine. Looking at Butcher Billy’s art is a new game called Hidden Culture. I get lost in his images seeking references to pop culture from the last seventy years. You could almost use it to teach high school social studies.

The metaverse is an immersive space inviting new ways of being, new conversations, new business models. We learn best in play. Play amplifies our innate curiosity and willingness to expand.

Extracted from Royal Society of Players here is the roadmap:

Strategic Roadmap:

Mint Drop — May 12

Launch — Introduce this exciting new collection to the community, with reveal taking place about 5 days after completion of the public sale.

Q2: Game One — We are delighted to introduce the first of many games for MVPs: The NFT Re-Roll. If you don’t connect with the NFT you minted and want the opportunity to mint something else, you will have up to three chances over 90 days to re-mint and receive a brand new NFT from the collection including never-before-seen rarities and combinations. But be careful, this is a one way street and if you elect to “re-roll” there is no going back. The choice is yours, Player — what will you do?

Q2: Launch Party — All MVP holders will be invited to join us for our celebratory launch party taking place on Monday, June 20, 2022 in New York City. Expect a variety of experiences, celebrities, food, drink, entertainment and more!

Q3: Free Companion Collection — The Royal Letters were beautifully designed by Oban Jones and will be a free companion collection for MVP holders. The Royal Letters will serve as artistic masterpieces and game pieces that unlock new challenges and games as our platform expands.

Q3: Game Two — Following the conclusion of Game One, we are excited to expand the platform and begin enhancing the game ecosystem with the addition of more games, competitions, puzzles, prizes, and rewards. Game Two will be accessed by usage of your new NFT game piece from the Royal Letters collection, and come with its own prize pool.

Q4: Platform Expansion — Continued growth along the games ecosystem while simultaneously introducing new game pieces, adventures, and entertainment options along with more IRL meetups and events for you to meet your fellow Player.

I look forward to meeting you in this space,




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