Accelerating Sustainabilty with #Web3 Innovation

Jennifer Sertl #a3r
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I got involved in technology in 2011. The catalyst was a simple question by my four year old son. He innocently asked, “Mommy, does your heart remote control people?.” I was driving at the time and had to pull over because of the lightening bolt of awareness that came with that question. It was the first time I realized my son would never know the difference between “reality” and “virtual reality.” Whatever the platform, whatever the name experience = reality. Being part of the WAGMAS community was a natural extension as our community is dedicated to a hype-free Web3 and deeply committed to democratizing access to information and increasing participation for everyone in this new playground that is becoming as important and pervasive as the internet as we know it today.

Impact-A-Thon Mission

To accelerate impact through sustainable development in Web3 the WAGMAS Web3 Summit has instituted an Impact-A-Thon. Through highlighting companies that have social causes and that are using free market principles within the context of a fully decentralized economy we believe we can move the needle in some of today’s most pressing issues — particularly the already identified 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These goals are designed to be a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all” and that is exactly what the WAGMAS’s community stands for — opportunity, growth and inclusion for all in Web3.

We are happy to announce the winners of our inaugural WAGMAS Web3 Summit Impact-A-Thon.

1st Place — Aquari Foundation, led with Cameron ClarkWhat If You Could Invest in Saving the World?

2nd Place — 400 Drums, led with Tamara Goddard, Saulteau First NationThe Drums Are Waking

3rd Place — Ideas Beyond Boarders, led with Faisal Saeed Al Mutar — Funding Education Through Cryptocurrency

Given that this is an #AllHandsOnDeck moment and the amplification of caused based applications in Web3 literally saves lives, we are highlighting two additional applicants.

Kokonut DAO 🌴 🥥 led with Alejandro Adon : Stated purpose is Eco-friendly regenerative economics vested by Mother Nature, 100% open-source accounting & immutable blockchain governance.

Path Matching led with Samantha Vrcic : Stated purpose is to make communities safer through awareness, prevention, and the empowerment of sexual assault survivors. Our mission is to support survivors through SAAM2k walks, our testimony matching software, and resources for how community members can support survivors.


  • Tokens
  • Impact-A-Thon NFT
  • Donation by for 1st Place Winner charity of choice
  • Development support to further concept code
  • Amplification through WAGMAS channels


Deborah Perry PiscioneWAGMAS


Tina BaylocqWord of Mouth Marketing & Events


Sheridan TatsunoAimedis

Applications for the next WAGMAS Impact-A-Thon go live September 23, 2022!

We hope you will join us and help identify cause based Web3 applications that enhance our physical world and enrich our human experience together.

Join US! (((#wagmasimpact )))

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