Accelerating Sustainabilty with #Web3 Innovation

Impact-A-Thon Mission

1st Place — Aquari Foundation, led with Cameron ClarkWhat If You Could Invest in Saving the World?

2nd Place — 400 Drums, led with Tamara Goddard, Saulteau First NationThe Drums Are Waking

3rd Place — Ideas Beyond Boarders, led with Faisal Saeed Al Mutar — Funding Education Through Cryptocurrency


  • Tokens
  • Impact-A-Thon NFT
  • Donation by for 1st Place Winner charity of choice
  • Development support to further concept code
  • Amplification through WAGMAS channels


We hope you will join us and help identify cause based Web3 applications that enhance our physical world and enrich our human experience together.



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Jennifer Sertl #a3r

Jennifer Sertl #a3r

Biz strategist fostering better decisions,systems thinking, scenario planning. Mind of chess player ♜ Heart of a poet ♫ Inviting depth ... @agility3r